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Tunuf is an Arabic word, which means a rocky extension of the upper ridge of a mountain. The equivalent in architectural construction is a cantilever - a long, projecting bracket or beam. Tunuf on a mountain offers the most commanding views over the panoramic landscape below. It is also where falcons strategically choose to live and from where they search for their prey. The essential meaning of the word inspired Tunuf Real Estate Consultancy brand. The advantage of being so high on a mountain, on a projecting platform overlooking the almost infinite landscape, is to easily see the potential of the land for future progressive development. In addition to its unique perspective, Tunuf Real Estate Consultancy differentiates itself by incorporating its experience, acquired knowledge, and up-to-date technology in the analysis of challenges. This creates outstanding solutions and services of the highest standards.

Our Vision

We strive to be the number one choice for real estate investors in Saudi Arabia for providing fully

Our Mission

We at Tunuf provide our clients with real estate consultations according to professional practices

The Tunuf Client Strategy

The services Tunuf provides are based on the principle that its clients are always partners in success.Read more

The Tunuf Values

Integrity, Trust, Honesty, Transparency and Creativity.



Roger Garfield
Saud AlQuaifil
General Manager

Before establishing the Tunuf Real Estate Consultancy, Eng. Saud Alquaifil accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the construction, real estate, and financial consultancy sectors, in both the public and private sectors. Eng. Saud has worked as a consultant for the Saudi Authority of Accredited Valuers (Taqeem), and participated in establishing Taqeem, in addition to helping form its regulations. He also worked as a liaison between Taqeem and international organizations.Read more

Roger Garfield
Ahamad Fathy
Consulting Manager

He has over 15 years of experience in real estate development and fixed assets valuation, including five years in Saudi Arabia. He also worked as a consultant for Al-Ajlan Global, to develop their real estate portfolio. He is a member at IACVA with a CVA designation, and a member of the Egyptian real estate valuation experts' commission. He also acquired the CIB certificate, which is an internationally recognized Islamic finance certificate. Mr. Ahmed holds a bachelor's degree in Economics & Political Science.

Our Services

"Our capability to stay as high in the mountain in viewing the infinite panoramic landscapes making it easy to see the land's potential for future development and progress"


Real Estate Valuation

Tunuf delivers professional opinions on the latest market-based valuations for the full range of real-estate assets. The company keeps a vigilant eye on the periodical updates of the IVSC, to provide its valued clients with distinctive, high quality, world-class services.

Leasing Advisory Services

is an integrated leasing advisory service that aims to guide our clients, whether tenant or landlord, through property assessment, financial and market analysis, site selection, and lease auditing.

Site Selection

This service is offered to businesses to assist them in selecting locations with attributes that meet their specific location requirements. Tunuf first considers the parameters and then draws together the general and special criteria that govern the site selection process, meeting the client's purposes for selecting the servi.

Real-Estate Feasibility Studies

Tunuf real estate feasibility study services are comprehensive and geared to help its valued clients reach exceptional investment decisions, which ensure their advancement and prosperity. The company's main areas of focus in market studies include all market-related issues, the overview of real estate attributes, and the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and constraints (SWOC). The studies enable clients to tackle different scenarios professionally, towards achieving their intended goals.

Real Estate Market Studies

Tunuf offers real estate market study services that cover analyses of the various market segments, as well as identification of prevailing market trends and motivating factors, with a view to reaping the best rewards from the supply - demand balance. Through this, Tunuf ideally positions its valued clients to correctly extrapolate the status of the market based on a macroeconomic view, which helps them make the right investment decisions.

Real-Estate Portfolio Management Strategy Studies

Tunuf is well positioned to offer comprehensive real-estate portfolio strategies. These are technically and professionally tailored and adapted to accommodate specific geographic distribution, as well as the risks involved in the real estate environment. The purpose is to optimize the performances of clients' real estate portfolios, towards achieving growth, which beats that of the sector. .

Due Diligence

is a specialized service that involves inspecting subject properties available documents, conducting zoning and building code assessment, and ensure the information on the documents conform with the site inspection of the property. This service highlights potential issues that might render the execution of transactions or future developments.

Projects Special Care

is a service provided by TUNUF that monitors a project's schedule, task completion progress, quality, and compare expenditures against budget. Monitoring involves giving feedback about the progress of the project enabling the gathered information to be used in Identifying problems facing the project, and making decisions for improving project performance.

Highest and Best Use Studies

Tunuf studies are based on what is legal, financially possible, viable and will render the highest output. Tunuf thoroughly considers the available options, besides analyzing all the potential uses, in order to reach the anticipated study targets, in line with the status of the real estate market.


Tunuf Real Estate Consultancy
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